Where You Can Get your Herbal Cocktail Ingredients


This herbal stuff sounds great, but where do I find it?

There are always options! I can help out a limited number of people. Contact me to check for my availability. If I am short on time, I can recommend an herbalist you can contact for your orders. She would love to help you! Or, you can order your own. 

I like that third option. Let me tell you why. 

First, though, I will mention that I have been purchasing my herbs in bulk at Starwest Botanicals. Their prices are similar to Amazon. I just prefer to give business directly to the “little guy” whenever I can. 

Now for that third option. I want to help empower people to be assertive and keep themselves and their loved ones as healthy as possible. You too can order from Starwest — they would love that! — but you will still want to write to me to get instructions on dosage amounts, etc.

I also want to help create community. I envision groups of people helping to keep each other healthy. Sort of like health cooperatives, where we can help support each other to keep ourselves healthy so we don’t end up with chronic illnesses and have to go to the doctor way too frequently!

Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about Herbal Cocktails.

Or, maybe I should say our Herbal Cocktails, because we are all in this together, helping to educate each other regarding the benefits of consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet and using the goodness of herbs to help us reach the highest realization of our health.


The people, 


will never be defeated!


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I hope you like the information you have found on my site and you want to learn more!

Let’s do some of that Herbal Cocktail blogging!

Where to buy Herbal Cocktail ingredients