It’s Never Too Late to Rejuvenate with an Herbal Cocktail!


Just say “No”

Ew! Don’t even think of going near dairy, meat, eggs, added sugars, doughnuts or any other processed foods. They are the reason behind the vast majority of our chronic health problems.


Switch to a plant-based, whole-food diet

As Dr. Esselstyn states, if it had eyes or a mother, do not eat it! Transition to a plant-based, whole-food diet and your body will thank you every minute of every day. It’s good to please your body since it’s the only one you have.


Complete the Rejuvenation with an Herbal Cocktail

Herbs are our friends. They can work wonders. Mother Nature has them as part of her health-giving family for a reason.


The Herbal Cocktail I Take and Can Wholeheartedly Endorse

Improve Your Health and Quality of Life with an Herbal Cocktail

My life changed when I started taking my first Herbal Cocktail. I like feeling the best I can. Doing it naturally just makes me feel that much better and confident in sharing this herbal knowledge with you. I am on the path to achieving the highest realization of my health and want to help you achieve yours too!

So far I have tried and can heartily endorse the Herbal Cocktail I refer to as Rejuvenate. This combination of Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, burdock root and myrrh has made a profoundly positive difference in my health and quality of life. 

As I try more Herbal Cocktails, I will add them to this page.


Tell me where!

You have convinced me! I want to take the first steps toward the highest realization of my health!

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Herbal Cocktail #1 — Rejuvenate

Herbal Cocktail #1 — Rejuvenate

A Real Game Changer

There is a good reason I call the first Herbal Cocktail I tried, “Rejuvenate.” 

First, just a little background.

My physical exam in January of 2018 did not go as well as I would have liked. My cholesterol numbers were bad. But on top of that was the scourge of my life.

Once again I had put on a lot of poundage.

Less than four years previous, I had rid my body of 80 pounds of excess fat and got down to 180 pounds. But I fell off the “proper eating” wagon and was back up to 240 pounds. That is how sensitive my body is to simple carbohydrates. 

Worst of all, my A1c number, the number that determines if a person is diabetic, was at 5.5, just .2 from being prediabetic. 

I was not happy and knew I had to make changes — becoming a type 2 diabetic patient was not part of my plan!

What had worked for me before was to cut all added sugar and processed foods out of my diet. So, once again I made trips to the supermarket easy and banished all processed foods from my shopping cart.

After a little less than five months I had dropped 40 pounds and thought I was feeling pretty darned good. 

Then, fate came into play, in a positive way. 

I saw a Facebook post by a respected friend regarding herbs and how they had helped her. I wanted to feel as good as I could, so I contacted her. 

After speaking with her for about 20 minutes, she recommended to me the combination of:

I had never heard of the first two. The only thing I knew about the third one was that it was “just a weed.” (I recognized the name from having grown up on a farm.) The fourth one I recognized from “We Three Kings of Orient Are” fame. I did not know anything about any “health-giving” properties it, or the others had.

It was one of those “I don’t have anything to lose” moments, so I decided to try it. Each body is different and will respond differently. In my situation, it took less than two days for me to start to feel results.

I will be honest. At times, the positive changes brought about by my first Herbal Cocktail have brought me to tears.

When a person has a physical condition — or in my and my friend’s cases, multiple conditions — we are basically told by the medical profession:

“This is how it is going to be for the rest of your life. Deal with it using the meds I prescribe for you.”

You internalize that, accept it (because doctor knows best, right?) and try to live as best as possible, never getting better, just putting up with it.

I now know there is another way. 

Sometimes you just have to grab the proverbial bull by the horns. Because, actually, doctors don’t always know what’s best (or have time to find the best solution).

As I mentioned, I thought I was feeling pretty good after having lost 40 pounds. After starting my first Herbal Cocktail, though, I realized there is even more I can do for myself.

I began to feel the results that taking those herbs were bringing to me. 

Improvements I began to notice after just two days:

  • marked increase in energy
  • “crisper” vision
  • sinus condition improved
  • tendonitis in my wrists hardly noticeable
  • peripheral neuropathy in my feet improved

At the seven- to nine-day mark I was startled to notice:

  • lower back pain (which I’ve lived with for a quarter century) much less noticeable
  • sacroiliac joint pain greatly relieved
  • peripheral neuropathy in my feet had improved so much that I stopped taking the pain killer I had to use for almost 10 years
  • skin condition in remission (cured, maybe?)

It’s easy to lose track of all the ways it has helped me. At some point in the first two months of taking Rejuvenate, my knee-joint pain disappeared. No more painful walks up the stairs!

Visit my Herbal Cocktail Blog for more details on the health improvements I have experienced and the ongoing story of how the Herbal Cocktail can positively impact your life just as it has done for me.

If we feed ourselves the right things — that veritable health-giving triumvirate of fruit, vegetables and herbs — we can bring great health to ourselves, without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Of course, there are times when a pharmaceutical can come in very handy. I happen to have Factor V Leiden thrombophilia, which predisposes me to getting deep vein thromboses (DVTs). Just like happened to my mother, I have already suffered two of them. They have earned the name “silent killer,” so they are not something to take lightly.

A DVT is when a scab (like you get when you cut your finger — that is a normal scab) forms inside your vein, which is very abnormal. If a piece breaks off, like happened to me, there is nowhere for it to go except back through the heart.

It’s one of those experiences you never forget and never want to repeat.

That first DVT — it happened almost 20 years ago — by all rights should have been the end of me, but I somehow was allowed to live. The second time it happened, about seven years later, I knew what the signs were and made it to the ER before a piece broke off.

I am now a blood-thinner “lifer,” so to speak. That is not something I am going to mess with. The Factor V Leiden thrombophilia is not going to just go away with proper eating. It is not something that was caused by diet or the environment. It is simply part of my genetic makeup and one of those things I have to live with. 

After starting my first Herbal Cocktail, though, my INR count (international normalized ratio), which is used to check whether a medicine to prevent blood clots is working, is still in the therapeutic range.

This means the two are compatible. Great, because I am not going to stop taking the awesome health-enhancing combination of Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, burdock root and myrrh. 

Aside from such needed pharmaceuticals — and meat eaters may not like hearing what is about to come — far too much of the time medicines have simply become a crutch to enable our unhealthy behaviors.

Just one example is that statins may lower cholesterol but they don’t help reduce the inflammation that occurs every time a person eats dead animal tissue.

(And we have to put the accent on may help. According to Mayra Aspinall, president of Genzyme Genetics, 30 to 70 percent of people taking statins to reduce their cholesterol get no benefit.) 

Even if they do help keep your bad cholesterol numbers somewhat lower, statins have no effect on the fact that when you eat meat your blood vessels constrict, which is why many heart attacks occur right after fatty meals.

We need to relearn how to turn to Mother Nature to help keep us healthy. Turning to Her is a much better way to live when compared to doing whatever we want with our bodies, then thinking that all we have to do is take a pill, or multiple pills, to “make us better.”

Treat your body as a temple! It will thank you every single day.


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You have convinced me! I want to take the first steps toward the highest realization of my health!

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