Let fruits, vegetables and herbs be thy medicine — Hippocrates paraphrased

Fruits & Vegetables + Fasting + Herbs = Optimal Health

After changing my eating habits, I feel better than I have felt in years!


Do you want to feel your best too?


Go the Herbal Cocktail way!


What is this “Herbal Cocktail” thing about?


What in Blazes IS an Herbal Cocktail?

What It’s All About

You might be thinking:

“Hmmm, Herbal Cocktail ... Well, I do need a good stiff drink. That sounds all right to me!”

I’m sorry, but we’re not going down that path on this site!

In the broadest sense, “Herbal Cocktail” encompasses the wide range of herbs, fruits and vegetables (and let’s not forget legumes!) our bodies need to stay their healthiest. The synergy between that group of “Mother Nature’s best” helps create the highest realization of our health.

In a more “micro” sense, an Herbal Cocktail is a special combination of herbs that helps us even more to move forward on the road to achieving the highest realization of our health and well-being.

Notice that grains aren’t mentioned (there are some grains worthy of being part of the Cocktail, but very few).

Not a peep about dairy products either. 

Nor is meat — including fish — mentioned.

Or eggs.

I do not think we humans were meant to consume the flesh or other products of animals. Evidence is now overwhelming that we do not need to consume meat, eggs or dairy products in order to get the protein (or calcium!) our bodies need. 

HerbalCocktail.co is an informational site and blog dedicated to helping people reach the highest realization of their health — to be as healthy and strong as possible so they can function at their highest level. It is impossible to achieve that if we feed ourselves improperly.

It should be patently obvious to anyone that our Standard American Diet — which has the apt acronym of SAD — has utterly failed us. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, all chronic diseases are skyrocketing.

These are all lifestyle diseases, things we have control over!

All we need to do is make the right choices and we can be free from the shackles of obesity, sluggishness, pain and suffering. And need I mention that we can save a lot of money on our medical bills? 

We need to take responsibility for our good health. No one else will.

Welcome to my site!

David Rochelero

Member American Herbalists Guild


Do you need to be Rejuvenated?

This is a rhetorical question — from time to time we all need a little help from our friends to feel the best we can! 

Yes! Rejuvenate me!

The guy behind HerbalCocktail.co


David Rochelero

Health-conscious webmaster, bilingual copy editor and blogger. I started HerbalCocktail.co because I want to help everyone feel as well as I do. We all deserve so much more than just putting up with maladies and continually being short of energy. You have the power to feel super great every day! 


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This is site is all about keeping one’s self as healthy as possible, which is how we keep illness out of our lives.